Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Leaving for home tomorrow

Waaaaah!!!!! I have to go home!!!

Ok, well, I'm kind of looking forward to going home to my family, but I'm not ready to face the chaos zone right now. I hope the house is sort of clean by the time I get there and I hope my kids and dogs are on good behavior.

This field season flew by way too quickly. I accomplished a lot, but it seems like I just got here and I shouldn't be leaving so soon.

I still have a week's worth of photos to post and the last week of photos have some of my favorite memories from this year's work in South Africa. Stay tuned and send good vibes my way as I travel for 30+ hours back to Ohio. My consolation prize for this long trip is that I have a business class ticket for the overseas flight. That's a luxury and a half - especially with a buggared up knee (acquired on the descent from Milner Ridge). My left knee has been so swollen since Monday that I can't bend it very far. I'm really bummed. I want to walk the contour path one more time before I go home. I may do it despite the buggared knee.

Here's my self portrait I took on Table Mountain on Oct 21. I think you can tell I had a good time.


Anonymous said...

hope your travels are light and should definitely help!

hope you can bring an ice bag for your knee -- or at least a towel so you can get ice on board.

and with a couple of ambien, the 30 hours should snooze-on-by :>)


Andi Wolfe said...

Hi e-

I'm just now home and doing relatively well. I go see the doctor about my knee this afternoon - just to check to see if I did any major damage or if I only strained it. Business class rocks!

Anonymous said...

yep, business class rocks!


hope the knee resolves itself -- or you'll be shuffling to the bathroom in the morning like the dog and i do....gettin' old is not for the weak!