Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Lamington National Park Animals

Here are some pictures of the animals I saw today at Lamington National Park.

This is a brush turkey, also called a bush turkey. The colorful wattles are used in displays.

This is one of many different kinds of parrots to be found in the rain forest. Les Fortescue has informed me that this is a Crimson Rosella.

They want to be fed. I'm glad I had my hat on. Some of them left presents on me. In addition to the Crimson Rosellas, the green and red one is a King Parrot.

Terry made a friend.

The next three photos are of a red bellied black snake. This is very poisonous. Terry spotted it sunning itself off the trail we were on. I took the first photo on our way out and the next two on our way back to the car park.

A wallaby grazing near the car park.

I don't know what this lizard species is, but it seemed content to be sunning itself in the road. Les sent me an email to say it might be a Bearded Dragon.

In addition to these lovely critters, I also heard the calls of the Whip Bird and the Green Cat Bird. I wish I had had my digital recorder with me to record the bird songs. Some of them came through on a few of my video clips.

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Anonymous said...

So I know this post is FOREVER old. I found you through a google image search. The lizard is Bearded Dragon. Very malnourished and dehydrated one at that. :(