Sunday, November 13, 2005

Coastline pics from North Queensland

Here are some of the pictures I took from the shore of the Coral Sea. I was really surprised by how calm the water is, but I guess that's the effect of the Great Barrier Reef taking the brunt of the big waves. It was like looking off shore of a large lake. The water was lovely and warm, but full of coral spawn when I saw it. I was able to wade in clear water in one of the bays, but I sure wouldn't have been willing to wade in the gunk that washes up on shore from the spawning.

This is one of the views of Airlie Beach, which is a resort town popular with youngsters.

One of the mangrove swamps near Bowen.

Coral spawn coming ashore near Bowen.

Dried coral spawn on the beach.

The sign gives a warning about "stingers," which are small jellyfish that are deadly.

This and the next picture are ones I took while wading. The water was great. I'll have to go back sometime to do some snorkeling.

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