Monday, November 21, 2005

AAW Relief Fund Auction

Update (12/01/05) - the auction has been postponed because of a technical glitch. I'll post the new date as soon as I have it.

The American Association is holding a special auction on ebay, which features the work of some of the best woodturning artists in the world. This auction is for raising money to establish a emergency relief fund for woodturners struck by disaster. The motivation for the auction was in response to hurricane Katrina. The auction ends next weekend. Check it out through the link I've posted, and type "AAW relief" into the search window.

AAW Relief Auction on Ebay

My small contribution is one of my "Leaf Saturation" bowls. This one is 3.25 X 1.75 inches in size. It's covered in the leaf motif and covered in acrylic paint.

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