Tuesday, August 21, 2007

2007 AAW Symposium - Part 2d

Hurray! This is the final post for the first day of the 2007 AAW Symposium in Portland, Oregon.

I stopped in for a few minutes of several demonstrations after lunch on Friday. Here's Jimmy Clewes.

Trent Bosch - He's mounted a hollow form onto his carving adapter.

This was a POP presentation by Stephen Hogbin and Mark Sfirri. It was a review of Stephen's work. If you'll scroll down the page you'll see some of the work by Stephen Hogbin that was in the exhibit celebrating the POP Fellowship awards.

Stephen's approach to his work is very thoughtful and he has some of the most interesting sculptural elements of any contemporary artist working in wood.

Another view of the trade show. There were a lot of vendors selling wood, lathes, equipment and supplies.

Demonstrations by fantastic turners are all over the trade show. Here's Mike Mahoney turning small hollow forms.

Back to the instant gallery now.

This interesting sculpture is by Ben Carpenter. I met Ben while in Hawaii last March. He joined several of us to "run the rock" with Mike Lee.

Ben has an interesting imagination. . .

Most of his work is off the lathe, and recently, he's not been putting much turning into his sculptures. He did bring work to the instant gallery that featured lathe-turned elements, though.

The use of beautifully figured wood and organic elements make Ben's work a delight to behold.

The theme revolves around imaginary biomorphs. I sometimes wonder what kind of dreams (maybe they're hallucinations?) Ben has to think up some of these creatures.

Steve Sinner explaining his surface techniques. Looking over his shoulder on the left is Avelino Samuel.

Chapter collaboration by the Wine Country Woodturners

Big Island Woodturners made this vessel. You can see the beginning of this large hollowform on one of my posts about my visit to the Big Island Woodturners.

The Glendale Woodturners made this spaceport.

This one was pretty neat, from a botanist's perspective. A wooden lei by the Honolulu Woodturners.

Another stroll though the trade show. I bought a lot of exotic wood on this trip. I'm now working on some of my "hidden world" series with interesting woods rather than my usual bland selections.

I introduced John Wessels to Bill Moore, figuring the two of them had that wood and metal thing in common. John is showing Bill some images of his recent work where he's added pewter to his turnings.

L to R: Dennis Laidler, John Wessels, Bill Moore.

From these four posts you must have the feeling that Friday was a very long day. Well, it flew by and ended with a gathering of WoWies (World of Woodturners members) for a nice dinner.

Dave Ramer (on left) did the organizing for this event and Jamie Donaldson (on right) helped to do the announcing.

You know a party is never complete until Kelly Dunn steps into the limelight.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention, please? Some lucky winner is going to go home with a Kelly Dunn original. . ."

He was referring to the turning exchange. We had some wonderful things on the exchange table.

A big thank you to Dave Ramer for his efforts on bringing a bunch of us together for dinner.

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