Monday, August 20, 2007

2007 AAW Symposium - Part 2c

Friday, June 29, 2007 - More instant gallery pictures for you to see:

Pixie Eslinger

Pixie Eslinger again. This reminds me of the work Betty Scarpino does.

Beautiful carved and colored vessels by Avelino Samuel.

Linda Salter's unique segmented designs.

One of Lyle Jamieson's voluptuous torsos.

Wood and slumped glass by Chris Andrew

Bill Luce's study in form and wall thickness. These need to be held to be fully appreciated. The visual aspect is wonderful, but to feel the balance and weight of these thin-walled bowls makes the experience so much better.

Epoxy and wood pieces by Jim Rinde.

Palm vessel with dyes by Al Geller

Layered bowl by Bob Gunther

Tall pepper mills by Al Selnick. Al usually brings bracelets to the symposia, so this was an interesting entry to the instant gallery.

Celtic knotwork designs by Sharon Doughtie.

Salsa set by Dan Bailey. I was lucky enough to acquire a set of these last year and they are so cool! The bowls are uniform in size and they fit together inside the chip bowl. It's really fun to play with the set. I haven't used mine for food as of yet, though.

Natural edge nested set by Andy Cole

This was a little more unusual than most of the instant gallery entries. These are peach pits that have been sliced and the vessels are constructed as segmented work. Derek Pollard is the maker.

Derek Weidman carved these face figures from multi-axis turned blocks. Derek studied with Mark Sfirri. I found these figurines to be amongst the most interesting pieces in the instant gallery this year.

An assortment of things from Dennis Paullus. When I see a selection like this of designs that are related to one another, I think the maker is still in the exploration phase of trying to find his/her "voice."

I loved these button cabochon boxes by Eileen Duffy. The buttons are stitched into the wood.

Open lattice segmented work by Bill Smith. Someday I need to acquire one of Bill's small bowls for my collection.

Richard Morris made this orca bowl.

A wall sculpture by David Williams

David Nittman - basket illusion and painting of same

Ahhh - another of my favorite artists. This and the next two are by Jim Christiansen. Jim's work is very expressive, and you want to explore every angle of the work to capture the essence of the message he tries to convey to the viewer.

Madrone baskets by Christian Burchard

Madrone "nests" by Christian Burchard

Larry Stevenson. The vessel is similar to the ones made by Trent Bosch, but Larry added an interesting abstract design to the lower layer.

Sculptural piece by Mary McKinney

Two vessels by Dennis Laidler

Teapot and vessel by Bruce Hoover. The acrylic stand really displays the teapot nicely.

Michael Werner tree forms. I didn't ask Michael how he made these, but I suspect some type of multi-axis approach was used.

Alain Mailland - I can't get enough of these. I really, really, really! like Alain's organic sculptural forms.

Delicate lace edging by Malcolm Zander.

Spectacular work by Binh Pho. The center one is a collaboration with Hans Weissflog.

Marco Berrera - turned, disassembled, reassembled.

Marco Berrera - red shoes. How'd he do that?

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