Monday, June 26, 2006

AAW Symposium - Wednesday, 2006 Jun 21

I caught up on sleep a bit last night, so am feeling much, much better than I had the last two days of the symposium. I had a terrible headache for two days, and I'm glad that it has eased up now that I'm home and have had time to unwind. The Utah and AAW symposia in back-to-back weeks was pretty hard to handle. It's going to be like that again next year, which is unfortunate. Here are some pics from the first day in Louisville:

The registration line for hotel check-in at Galt House was pretty long all day on Wednesday. The wait was anywhere from half an hour to an hour.

After the "Learn to Turn" session and dinner with CET and friends, I went to the opening of the "Step up to the Plate" exhibit at the Louisville Slugger Museum.

This necklace of bats was done by Bonnie Klein.

The pyrography piece was by John Nofsinger and the twisted bat on the right is one of Mark Sfirri's. The segmented bat in front is by Bill Smith.

Here's another one by Mark Sfirri. It's called, "Inchworm bat."

This collection is called "Tools of the trade" and was made by Norris White. Everything is made from wood.

A collaboration between Mark Sfirri and Jacques Vesery called "Spring Training." I especially like the lily pad one and the frog peaking out from underneath a leaf.

Johannes Michelson hats and bats.

Some offcenter turnings by Michael Werner.

My friends, J. Paul Fennell (on left) and Art Liestman (on right). Paul made this incredible pierced bat and ball, and Art made a selection of interesting balls that had everything but the stitching pattern cut away.

"American Dream" by Jacques Vesery.

A collaboration between Nofsinger and Brown.

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