Sunday, January 07, 2007

Richard's birthday

Richard celebrated a birthday and we were too busy to do it up in proper fashion. The primary reason was that we spent all of Saturday at the Honda dealer to purchase a new Odyssey (woohoo!).

However, Michael stepped in and made a cake for the occasion. Here's the second attempt of the day (see below for the first one)

Richard liked it just fine - especially that Michael had done the honors.

Here's the first trial of the day. I received a phone call from Michael while I was at the car dealership (can you stop at the grocery store on the way home?). Michael forgot one critical step here, but they all ate the cake anyway.

This cake reminds me of one Michael did for me when he was 12. Steve was in Saudi Arabia during my birthday that year and Michael didn't want me to not have a birthday celebration, so he decided he would make a cake for me. He read the instructions very carefully and I had such a laugh when I cut into the cake (decorated with a gray frosting made with every color in the food coloring kit). At the bottom of the cake was an inch layer of flour. The instructions had said to "flour the pan" before pouring the batter in, and Michael did, indeed, flour the pan.

"They didn't say how much flour to put in, so I thought I should make sure there was enough."

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Dennis Laidler said...

Hey Andi - cool new car. That makes a nice Xmas present!
Hope Richard enjoyed his birthday.
Somehow cakes that flop always still get eaten!