Monday, September 04, 2006

Woodturning and Emma at UA Arts Festival

The Upper Arlington Arts Festival had beautiful weather this year, unlike previous years when rain made the fields all muddy and the crowds pretty thin.

Devon Palmer, one of our Central Ohio Woodturners members, made his first appearance at the festival. This gives him a label of "emerging artist." That has a nice sound to it.

Here's Devon checking over his set-up and making sure everything is labeled. He had a nice display and a good selection of nice bowls at prices sure to sell.

When Steve, Emma and I got there at opening, Walt Betley was already making the rounds.

Emma was mostly interested in finding morsels of food in the booths or on the grounds, but she had a good time at the festival.

Here are some of the items in Devon's booth.

Here's the other side of the booth. I hope Devon had a good show today.

Emma seemed to enjoy having a sunny day for a walk - that's quite a change from what we've been having this week. You can check her blog to see Emma, the wet and muddy dog, from Saturday's walk.

There were a couple of dachshunds at the festival while we were there. Both of them were pretty skinny compared to Emma, who has muscles upon muscles from all the walking she does each week. Most of her walks are at least 3 miles long. Saturday we did four miles and the longest walks we do are about five miles. She's pretty strong.

Emma always draws a lot of attention. Here's a typical reaction.

"Can I pet your dog?"

"Oh, what a beautiful puppy!"

After making the rounds of most of the booths, we took a break for frozen custard. Emma's pretty anxious to have a taste. Please, oh, please?????

She got a bite after all that begging. Yummmmm!

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