Sunday, September 03, 2006

Another walk at Whetstone Park

The roses at Whetstone park are still going strong. I suspect they'll keep blooming until the first hard frost takes its toll. This is still one of our favorite places to walk and look for birds.

Emma is always so patient when we stop to look at birds or when I do some photography. She's such a good dog to take along on these walks - except when she gets a whiff of bunny, and then she goes into full hunt mode. That's why she wears the gentle lead collar. When she decides to take off after a rabbit she can just about yank my arm off. The gentle lead is a good compromise - she can run after the rabbit, but I don't have to worry about my shoulder too much.

I like the design of this planter garden. The colors and textures are just right.

Black-eyed susans, coleus and yam foliage makes a nice combo.

I also like the composition with the ornamental grasses.

Coleus makes a nice border plant, too. I especially like the variegated one on the left.

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