Saturday, September 23, 2006

Things seen and photographed around campus last week

Last week the weather was much nicer than it was all this week. I had my new camera with me to try some different settings out on scenery and plant pics.

This is Mirror Lake on the OSU campus at noontime. The sun had just come out from behind the clouds.

Foliage of one of the pine trees flanking Mirror Lake. I've been playing with depth of field settings, which I'll need to have figured out before I leave for South Africa on Oct. 9. My field season this year will involve a lot of photography and I want to have myself up to speed on my camera before then.

Same thing, different species of pine.

An interesting root from one of the trees near the pond.

My favorite image of the day. I put this beautiful maple leaf on one of the benches near Mirror lake. The bench is limestone and is full of interesting fossils such as the ammonite on the lower right hand corner of the image.

I also liked how this foliage study came out. The coloring and vein patterns make an interesting landscape.

Here's the leaf from which the image was taken. It's about a meter in length.

These are also interesting leaves. The plant is a Canna lily. I can't remember if the foliage was this color all season, but it's very interesting right now as the plants are entering their dormant phase.

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