Friday, May 05, 2006

Robins grow very fast!

These chicks are less than a week old now, and their eyes are just starting to open. Their feathers are starting to come in, and they've about doubled in size from when they hatched. Boy, are they ugly critters when they're just getting started. We're enjoying their company very much. Mr. and Mrs. Robin are keeping busy with all the feedings they have to give these hungry chicks. They also are not really pleased with us when we get too close or disturb them while they're feeding the chicks. Being scolded by a robin is a new experience for me.


Anonymous said...

i have mourning doves on-top of my spray booth on the covered deck(second clutch for the season).

it's the 'animal channel' for the cats, who sit on-top the kitty-condo (3ft away with a sliding-glass door in-between) ...

it's such a joy to watch the parents take care of the 'family', and these doves are quite neat and clean.

my job is to keep the cats from escaping.

Andi Wolfe said...

That must be very entertaining, e. I'm just glad Emma can't see these chicks - her hunting instincts sure do kick in when she sees wildlife.

The chicks are starting to exercise their wings a bit. We'll have to keep an eye out for them to make sure they get back into the nest if they fall out. One chick was perched on the side of the nest yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Emma's cousin, The "Pointy-Earred-One" (aka 'The Master'), only hunts down large bodies of water-- in his last life, he was a dolphin.

The dove chicks were ready to fly by the time they emerged from underneath mom's happened so fast!