Thursday, October 13, 2005

Hartville Tool Catalog

Hartville Tool invited me up to their home office in September for a photo shoot for their 2005-2006 catalog. These are images from that day, and the picture on the bottom was used for the back cover. I also wrote an article for their "masters notebook" series, and that appears on p. 13 of the catalog. More pictures of my work can be seen on that page, too.

Les Troyer is the graphic artist who does all the photography and graphics for the catalog. He uses a digital camera with a 4 X 5 back and a direct feed to a computer. It was a pretty cool setup, and I've never seen this kind of photography in action. It was kind of weird to see my turnings composed into pictures with tools, but I sure do like how it looked in the photos. The catalog has Binh Pho's work on the front cover.

Hartville Tool is just starting to gear up for turning. You can shop online at

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