Sunday, October 30, 2005

Blue Mountains International Woodturning Symposium

I just returned from the symposium, and I'm pretty tired from the weekend. I'll post just a few pictures with this short report.

There was a nice mix of international and Australian turners demonstrating at this symposium. The line up included Alain Mailland, myself, Graeme Priddle, Mike Lee, Gary Sanders, Stephen Hughes, Gordon Ward, and Vaughn Richmond in addition to a host of local turners (Ernie Newman, Anna Dawes, Theo H., Terry Baker, Glenn Rodgers, etc.).

My rotations included carving, texturing, and scorching; pyrography; and coloring techniques. I also did the instant gallery critique with Stephen Hughes. We were able to talk about every single piece in the instant gallery, which was really an unusual situation. That was quite a lot to cover, but we managed to do it all in 90 minutes time.

The setting for the symposium was an elementary school, and we basically took over the classrooms. I hope the teachers don't find shavings and dust all over their desks when they return tomorrow morning. I was wondering how everyone would manage to sit through a 90 minute demo in chairs a few sizes too small, but we seemed to get along alright.

Here are some pics from the weekend:

My demonstration room, which is setup for a coloring techniques demo.

Graeme Priddle demonstrating.

Stephen Hughes demonstrating.

Here are some photos that Anna Dawes took:

We had dinner at Rhys Jones' place. He was in charge of the logistics for setup at the symposium. After dinner I got out my fiddle to play some Irish tunes with Andy Schmidt (on bodhran), Theo H. (on guitar), and Alain Mailland on the African drum. Alain seemed to enjoy himself. Everyone once-in-awhile he would get up to dance and clap and whoop it up to the music. Rhys is in the background taking photos of this musical invasion of his home.

This is a picture of me at work during the symposium. I'm doing my carving, texturing and scorching demonstration.

And this is how I spent a lot of my free time this past week. Anna's house is on WiFi so I could work on my blog from my laptop.

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