Monday, February 24, 2014

Kelp gull

Kelp gull by andiwolfe
Kelp gull, a photo by andiwolfe on Flickr.

It seems as if this winter will never end. After a few days of warm temperatures - enough to melt most of the snow - we're back to cold weather, more snow and ice on the way, etc. I've been teaching a double course load this semester to make up for taking all of autumn off so that I could do field work and go to international meetings. As I'm pondering the continuation of winter, I think back to my awesome field season in South Africa. The last few days were spent near Cape Agulhas, camping with Dennis and Gigi Laidler at DeHoop Nature Reserve. This gull was one of my early morning meditations as I sat above the vlei, basking in the morning sun.

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