Sunday, October 21, 2012

Autumn at Waterman Farm

Autumn at Waterman Farm by andiwolfe
Autumn at Waterman Farm, a photo by andiwolfe on Flickr.

I know I've mentioned how much I like living near an urban farm. Yesterday was one of those days that exemplify why. The morning had been stormy, but as it was clearing Steve and I decided to do a long walk. We have these new fancy pedometers, which give us some incentive to make sure we walk 10,000 or more steps each day.

Given how dramatic the sky appeared with the potential for some sun beams coming through holes in the cloud cover plus the wet foliage and ground, I knew there would be an opportunity to photograph a dramatic autumn scene. We headed to the farm and found the spot I anticipated would yield the shot, and then we waited, waited, and waited some more. We could watch where the sun appeared in patches and then disappeared. When it was tracking the right direction I got my camera set up and ready.

All of a sudden the sun illuminated the autumn colors of the trees behind the first row of houses on the eastern edge of Upper Arlington. Stunning light, stunning colors, dramatic clouds - a winner.

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