Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there.

I've had a very relaxing day, I think. I guess it was pretty busy - mostly with finishing a construction project for a plant cam stand. I'm doing a time-lapse photography project in the OSU Biological Sciences greenhouse.

Actually, the fun part of the day was a visit to the movie theater to watch "The best exotic Marigold Hotel." It was such a great movie, and it appeals to all ages, not just the baby boomers out there. It was filmed in India and reminds me so much of what we experienced in Kathmandu, Nepal in 2009. Go see it!


Scott Murray said...

I've just come across your blog after clicking on a link from a woodturning blog. Although I haven't come across any of your articles on woodturning yet, I think your photography is excellent and have really enjoyed browsing through your photo's.

Andi Wolfe said...

Thanks, Scott. If you do a search using the word "woodturning" you'll find a lot of articles about symposia and demonstrations as well as my recent work.