Monday, July 11, 2011

A long way up

A view into the canopy from the forest floor. Coastal redwoods at Stout Memorial Grove. July 10 was the last day of the American Penstemon Society meeting. Aaron, one of my grad students, is traveling with us right now and had never seen the redwoods. Because we were within a couple of hours drive time of the northernmost groves, we decided to do a side trip before heading back to Portland, Oregon, where we will be catching flights to St. Louis for the Botany 2011 meetings.

It was so awesome to be amidst these giants again, and it was a great introduction to this biome for Aaron. However, it made for an excessively long day of driving. We arrived at our hotel after 1 a.m. Steve had to be at the airport for his flight home at 6 a.m. Ouch. Well worth the discomfort, though.

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