Sunday, May 15, 2011

Michael Hosaluk

Michael Hosaluk, originally uploaded by andiwolfe.
Central Ohio Woodturners is hosting Michael Hosaluk for his second visit to our club. Yesterday I attended the all-day demonstration he did. Of course, I had to do photography whilst there. This is my favorite image from yesterday - a portrait of Mike at work. He was demonstrating how to turn a ladle.
First he puts a block of wood between centers that has the general shape of a huge hammer. He turns the sphere shape on one end and then the handle.

The next step is to put the sphere into a special jam chuck so that the bowl of the ladle can be turned. With the way the ladle is oriented, the handle swings around. 

This image shows the arc of the handle as it comes around. The streaks are the paths of the beads Mike turned on the end of the handle.

I'm posting more images in a Facebook album.  You can see the pics by clicking HERE.

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