Saturday, March 12, 2011

Water garden

Water garden, originally uploaded by andiwolfe.

This is a photo from a winery water garden in Stellenbosch, South Africa.


Kipkimo said...

A real Claude Monet photo.


Andi Wolfe said...

Thanks for the links. I was thinking Monet as I took the photo.

I hope you are doing ok over there after the earthquake. The images from the news are so frightening.

Kipkimo said...

Hi Andi,

I am in Tokyo which is about 250-300 km away from the main disaster area. Strangely, here things get back almost to normal here.

But there are still concerns about the nuclear power plants and the possible strong after shocks we can expect within the coming few days.

Let's hope the worst is behind us.

Thanks for your so many lovely photos. I do not comment on all of them but I certainly watch and enjoy them.


Andi Wolfe said...


Can you give me some information about charity organizations that are in Japan who are accepting donations for tsunami aid? I'd like to donate to an organization that will immediately put my money to work in helping survivors in the aftermath of the tsunami.

Thanks - Andi

Kipkimo said...

Hi Andi,

I checked and I think the best way to help is via the American Red Cross. They have a link on their page and I believe that that is the safest way to make sure your help gets to where it is needed.

Your help would be appreciated.

Andi Wolfe said...

Thanks, Michael. Good luck over there. I'll be making a donation to the red cross today.