Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A visit to New York, NY (prelude to China 2009)

I had a quick day trip to NYC in January to obtain a travel visa to China. Because my time line was pretty tight, I had to do this in person.

I arrived early in the morning and caught a cab to the west side of Manhattan. The Chinese consulate is on 42nd street, next to the Hudson river.

I snapped a few photos from the cab on the way across town.

It was a sunny, but very cold day. Traffic at that time of day is pretty heavy, but cabs navigate it very well.

After putting in all my paperwork, I had a few hours to spend. My colleague, Kobi, met me and we did a bit of sightseeing and shopping during my free time. I had never visited Times Square and since we were in the neighborhood, I made my first visit there.

A self-portrait with Kobi in Times Square.

It's bigger than I had realized. I can't imagine what it would be like on New Year's Eve with so many people gathered there.

It's like one huge billboard that is constantly shouting at you.

Seems like a lot of fuss for advertising, but, hey, it is Times Square.

Here are a couple of more pics of the area.

We went to the Rockerfeller Center to have lunch.

WTF??? This is way over the top for an advert, I think. I could see that for Côte d'Or or some other tasty chocolate, but Hersheys????? I guess I'm a chocolate snob.

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