Saturday, July 19, 2008

2008 AAW Symposium - Part VI; Friday night and Saturday daytime activities

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I stayed at the Marriott, which was very comfortable and convenient to the convention center.

Friday night there were a lot of special interest groups that met. There was also a book signing for this book, which features "De la mer" by J. Paul Fennell.

This is a great book and I can highly recommend it to turners, other media artists, collectors and anyone who would like to learn more about woodturning as art.

Here's a view of the book signing. I foolishly forgot to bring my copy for signing, but it was good to see all this action.

The collectors of wood art also met on Friday evening and I went to that. It was great to meet so many collectors at once.

Saturday morning I had a chance to do some more instant gallery surfing. Here are a couple of vessels by Steve Sherman.

One of the Youth Turning awards went to Chris Ljostad for this natural edge bowl.

I didn't catch the name on this youth turning award winner.

Peter Oliver (New Zealand) made these interesting pieces.

Malcolm Ray

Segmented vase by Peter Schultheiss. I wonder what the collectors thought of the price tag on this piece.

A variety of pens from the Pen Turning group.

Collaborative pieces by Steve and Irma Sherman

Jamie Donaldson

Jim Christiansen

Something a little different from Trent Bosch. These vessels were sandblasted with resist designs in different geometric shapes.

Dale Larsen received a merit award for his beautiful bowls.

This and the next several photos show the chapter collaborative challenge entries.

Back to the Spheres exhibit again. This time to watch John Wessels demonstrate all the different layers of his entry. He's shaking hands, using the pewter casting of his hand, with Jeff.

A crowd gathered to watch while he opened his sphere to show the different components.

Arthur Mason getting a closer look.

Someone was pointing out my sphere, too, while John was doing his demo.

Back to the trade show to say hello to some of my favorite vendors, including Treeline.

Jamie Donaldson is visiting with Alan Lacer.

Alan showed me the prototype brass ice cream scoop he designed and will be marketing.

The AAW staff at their space in the trade show.

Rolly Munro and Graeme Priddle showing some New Zealand comradery.

One of the rotations I went to was a panel discussion about woodturning as art from the collector's perspective. Kevin Wallace with Arthur and Jane Mason led the discussion.

I enjoyed this panel discussion. Most of the POP programming was interesting this symposium.

Terry Martin and John Kelsey. Terry co-wrote "The New Masters of Woodturning" with Kevin Wallace. John was the editor.

The other POP program I attended on Saturday was the session on conducting a critique that was given by Jim Christiansen and Stephen Hatcher. David Ellsworth (front right) introduced the session.

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