Sunday, June 01, 2008

Highbanks with J. Paul Fennell

One of the last activities with Paul Fennell while he was visiting earlier in the month was a walk at Highbanks Metro Park. Paul and I have always enjoyed visiting while walking, and Highbanks is a lovely place to catch up on conversation.

We were very privileged to see a pileated woodpecker foraging on a decaying tree. I had brought along my binocular and a spare for Paul. I'm glad we had them so we could really watch this male up close and personal.

"You'll make a birder of me yet," was Paul's response to this sight. Magnificent!

Chipping sparrow


One of the last trilliums of the season. It was such a pleasure to have Paul visit us during the first weekend of May. Given that this is now the first of June, you can see how far behind I am on posting to the blog. It's been a busy quarter, but I do hope to catch up soon. I have a month's worth of photos to post, including several amazing birding trips and my son's graduation from Columbia University. Stay tuned for more news . . .

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