Monday, July 23, 2007

Utah Woodturning Symposium 2007 -instant gallery pics

I'm sorry it is taking so long for me to post the summer woodturning symposia pics. Life is pretty busy for me and I have a lot of photos to sort through and format. While I'm working away at all these photos, I'll post images from the Utah Woodturning Symposium instant gallery. I really enjoy walking through the gallery to see what everyone has been up to over the past year.

Here's some work from Jason Marlow, one of the featured demonstrators at this year's symposium.

Here's a close-up of the helmet.

Bill Neddow is moving beyond the basic, although aesthetically perfect, bowl and adding some enhancements.

Bonnie Klein brought one of her footstools. She's had a very busy year with a trip to South Africa and teaching at Anderson ranch and other demos.

Paul Thode's scale furniture collection.

Cliff Johns from Hawaii with a large Norfold Island Pine platter. The sculptural piece on he right looks to me like a salvage from a blown-up bowl, but maybe that's just because I'm sort of tired at the moment.

Dennis Laidler from South Africa. The vessel on the left suspended from three legs was attached originally with elephant hair.

Very colorful hollowforms by Chris Pytlik.

Kelly Dunn brought some Norfolk Island Pine bowls as well as an "erosion" piece inspired by Neil Scobie of Australia.

Jerry Sanpstrum made these painted ornaments.

John Wessels from South Africa works with pewter and has some beautifully patterned bowls and platters. The one in this image is called, "Twin." I'm the lucky owner of this beauty now (thanks, John!).

Here's another one with pewter inlay by John Wessels.

Inlay work by Don Gangl.

Anthony Harris brought a collection of threaded lid boxes.

A bowlful of Fred Holder's work. Fred did demonstrations on the techniques used to make these Chinese puzzle balls.

Curt Theobald brought some of his new work. These are beautiful. Wish I had one for my collection (sigh).

Here's a more traditional segmented hollow form by Curt Theobald. . .

and some smaller pieces that are intriguing. I can't imaging working with acrylic the way he's done.

Gorst duPlessis' ornamental turning corner of the instant gallery. I think he sold most of the work he brought with him to Utah.

These stacking cubes are now in my collection!

Martin Pidgen in the process of selling me a beautiful doorstop.

He puts some of those offcuts to good use. Wow! I have an amboyna burl doorstop now.

David Nittmann basket illusion pieces. David also branched out into painting (an exercise in airbrushing, he said). Looks pretty good to me. . .

The Yahoo Penturners group had a bunch of stuff on display. You were supposed to vote for your favorite. I'm not sure who won.

More pens.

Kip Christensen boxes.

Some of Richard Raffan's verdigris series.

Mark Baker (UK - editor of Woodturning) brought a variety of pieces.

Here's a pic of Mark standing by his work in the instant gallery.

A closer look at some of Mark's work.

Joey Richardson with a collection of work that looks like it was inspired by Binh Pho's style.

Some nice pine bowls by Sally Ault.

Ron Gerton brought some very interesting sculptural work, but I couldn't get a decent photograph. They're cast bronze and wood with some brass. One of them was particularly fun, featuring harvester ants carrying pieces of a bowl down into a burl "ant nest." Wish I could have gotten a good pic.

Dixie Biggs was another demonstrator this year and she brought a nice assortment of carved and decorated vessels.

Max Krimmell demonstrated carving on alabaster. He's also using interference pigments.

Vaughn Richmond came over from Australia to demonstrate his style of work. It was great to see Vaughn again.

Stuart Mortimer (UK) had a lovely assortment of spiral work and hollow forms.

Here's a closer look at that lower shelf.


Canisters by Mike Mahoney.

Michael Werner was another of this year's demonstrators. He showed multi-axis turning and how to make some of these multiple bowl platters.

His boat and wave form series.

Finial vessels by Cindy Drozda.

This one was pretty large. Interesting use of material, eh?

Miniatures by Ivy Allen.

Bill Ooms take on Malcolm Tibbett's techniques for segmented turning.

Something a little different by Stuart Mortimer.

Rex Burningham natural edge bowls and platters.

Thin-stemmed goblets and lidded boxes by Stuart Batty.

Robert Fehlau's work.

Tim Janeway

Andy Cole's natural edge bowls.

Charles Swift made this interesting cane.

A carved vessel by Vaughn Richmond.

An assortment of vessels by Terry Scott.

Dale Nish and Susan Hendrix collaboration.

Terry Scott winged bowl.

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Handyman Services said...

Thank you for posting the pictures. I was not able to make it and I appreciate the stunning work you have captured here. Many of the pictures are of pieces that I have yet to see, so thank you again.

My favorites are the stacking boxes, and the door stops. I have a few pieces of wood that I could not bring myself to throw away and now I know what to make of them. Wonderful.