Thursday, November 23, 2006

A visit to University of Cape Town

I have a couple of more days of posting from my South Africa trip. This one is from a visit to University of Cape Town on 30 Oct 2006. Nick Laidler gave us a tour of the geology building and areas nearby where he spends his days at varsity. Nick is defending his honor's thesis tomorrow, so it's kind of a good tribute to post these pictures in anticipation of a successful defense.

Here's Nick giving us some information on the commons area of campus. UCT is built on the flank of Table Mountain, so everything is up or downhill from here.

Normally, all the stairs on campus wouldn't be a major issue for me, but on the Monday we visited, my left knee was very swollen from the strain I had acquired in the Hex River Mountains the day before.

This is the back entrance to the Geological Sciences Building. We went in this way to avoid having to do even more stair steps to get to the building.

Esprit found the exit signs in South Africa very amusing.

Nick's cubby in the student office.

The geology building roof offers a nice view of the surrounding area, including the backside of Table Mountain. I wouldn't mind a view like this each day.

This and the next four pictures show a view from northwest to southeast.

Back to the commons area. The campus is lovely and I enjoyed seeing where Nick spends his days.

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Dennis Laidler said...

Hi Andi,

Nick defended his thesis on Thursday, the day you posted this.

Yesterday, Friday, we all received the good news that he passed his honours degree.

Great celebrations all round.