Wednesday, May 24, 2006

How I spent last weekend

Friday evening and all day Saturday were spent at the Chamber Music Connection Spring Festival. Meghan played double bass in a trio with her friends Dina and Katie. They did a Haydn piece. Steve and I played in a quartet - two flutes, clarinet, and my hammer dulcimer (I played the cello part). We did a movement from a C major quartet by J. C. Bach. The Cavani quartet from Cleveland was the big draw - Friday night concert was totally amazing. They also did master classes all day long on Saturday. My quartet had two master classes - one with Steven Huang in the morning, and the second with the violist from Cavani quartet. It was really fun to work up this piece with the odd assortment of instruments - it presented a challenge for our coaches. We did pretty well, especially given such short notice to rehearse the piece.

Here are a few pics:

The encore by Cavani was a pop tune sung by Merry, the cellist. What a lot of fun! The concert was totally amazing. They started with a piece featuring piano and viola. Annalisa Boerner played the viola part of the quartet while the Cavani violist did an amazing piece of work on the solo parts. They also did an interesting piece by Bartok.

Steve took a picture of me tuning my dulcimer right before the Saturday concert. I needed to let the instrument stabilize in the auditorium before tuning, and then it stayed on stage during the entire concert.

Here are the quartet members (L to R): Steve Wolfe, Andi Wolfe, Chris and Bob.

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