Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas!

We've had a very nice day together starting way, way too early when Meghan couldn't stand the suspense any longer. Steve and I and the dogs were definitely not ready to wake up, but we have a rule in the house that the youngest family member sets the time for gift opening on Christmas morning. It took some effort to rouse the boys out of bed, but we eventually met Meghan's demands to get up and get on with it.

Here are a few Christmas morning pictures:

Meghan opening her "big one," which was a new (refurbished) computer.

Richard and Michael opening a couple of their presents.

Steve making faces and going "ooooh" over the "Leaf Saturation" bowl I gave him. He's been asking for one of my "blue" bowls for over a year, so this one isn't going to a gallery or a show.

Here are some of my favorite Christmas ornaments I've collected from around the world.

My Lesotho angel, collected in 2003. The hair is made from some scouring pad, the wings are two guinea fowl feathers, and the skirt is made from beads threaded onto safety pins.

One of my "African Star" ornaments and a miniature Lesotho hat. The little hat was our field car "totem," which did bring us a lot of luck on that particular collecting trip.

Some of my African beaded ornaments, including an Ndebele angel and a chamaeleon.

My "Flying Pig" ornament.

One of my latest ones - a platypus ornament from Australia, collected this year.

One of Steve's carved Santa pencils. I have a nice collection of these from the past few years.

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