Tuesday, November 01, 2005

A day with Richard Raffan

I spent a pleasant day with Richard Raffan. Les dropped me off at Richard and Liz's house for morning coffee. Afterwards we took a look at the shop and I snapped a heap of pictures (a typical Australian phrase there with the use of the word, "heap"). I added a Raffan verdigris bowl to my collection, too.

We then went to a town called Bungendore. I think that's how it's spelled, but I may have to correct it later. There's a wood gallery there that carries everything from craft items to fine funiture and sculpture. Andrew Wood had some screens there, which were a joy to see in person. I had seen some slides of his work at the Collaboration 2005 conference, but the slides just do not do the work justice.

Other artists with work there include Richard Raffan, Terry Baker, Neil Turner (I bought a small bowl), and Silvio Apponyi. It was a really nice place to visit and we had a good lunch at the restaurant there.

Afterwards we drove around the countryside so I could get a good look at the scenery. It's very beautiful with grassland and savanna biomes. The hills aren't bad, either.

We also went to the national gallery, and I enjoyed seeing the Australian art collection. Everything from contemporary aboriginal art to impressionist work to modern art.

Here are some pics from the day:

Richard made me a "real" cup of coffee, which was very welcome.

Richard's workshop.

My new verdigris bowl in the hand of the maker.

Here's what the surrounding countryside looks like.

Spirit poles at the national gallery.

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