Sunday, September 26, 2010

Association of the Woodturners of South Africa conference

I'll not be able to post a long note about the symposium, but it's one of the most interesting ones I've attended - primarily because the format is dramatically different than anything in my experience. It's a much smaller conference than one would think for a national symposium - only about 120 folks here, including spouses, I think. It's very well organized and the support from the school staff (it's held in a school for disabled children)is absolutely amazing.

I have lots and lots of pictures to process and some really fun videos to post when I have time and internet access. So many stories to share, so little time. I am having a wonderful time here with the South African woodturners. I'm glad I was able to attend this weekend! The big plus to this development is that I will be able to do some collecting along the coast of the Eastern Cape before heading into the Little Karoo.

One story that will be fun to elaborate upon is the auction that was held last night. I can't wait to post some videos of Izak Cronje in action as the auctioneer. Stay tuned - lots and lots of fun stuff to come!

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Ms Rhana Naicker said...

Hi Andi
It was a pleasure to have you present at the Congress.
Will be waiting for your updates.
Ashwin Ramhith
South Africa