Monday, June 28, 2010

2010 AAW Symposium - 6/18/2010 - Friday, part 2

In addition to the teapots and spoons exhibits, the juried show for this year's symposium was Maple Medley. The focus, of course, was on maple as the wood for the various vessels and sculptural turnings. There were 44 pieces accepted into the exhibit. Unfortunately, only 43 made it there in one piece. Jerry Bennett's Maple Syrple broke in shipment - bummer!

Betty Scarpino - Canyon bridge.

Wall hangings with turned elements.

Keith Tompkins - The Dawn shall break

Michael Hampel - Upwelling

Andi Wolfe - Acer Embrace

Bill Luce - Curly Maple Bowl (deliciously understated title!)

Preston Christensen - Ebaneet e Slanovaya Kost (Ebony and Ivory)

David Marks - Alchemist vessel. This was the only piece in the exhibit that had a higher price than did mine. Both sold, too!

Jerry Kermode - Spalted Medley

Gerritt van Ness - Slender Threads and Yellow Ribbons.

Beth Ireland - From the Artifactory

Steve Worcester - Pop Fusion in Red

Art Liestman - Three Pillars of Correct Homophone Usage

Heidi Rupprecht - In the Spotlight

The Maple Medley Catalog is available online on the Upcoming Exhibits page of the AAW Gallery of Wood Art. I was tickled to see Acer Embrace as the postcard for the upcoming exhibits, and this one in particular.

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