Saturday, June 26, 2010

2010 AAW Symposium - 6/18/2010 - Friday, part I

Friday morning of the symposium started a bit late for me. I missed the opening ceremonies completely, and so I went directly to the exhibit galleries to check out the teapot exhibit, along with the Maple Medley show.

To go along with the teapot show, AAW arranged for the collection of spoon collector Norman D. Stevens to be on display. This exhibit was called a Gathering of Spoons.

I've always enjoyed carved spoons, and I'm building a collection of African ones.

I may have to start collecting others, too, after seeing all the interesting designs.

I might have to start making some of them, too. They just look so intriguing.

All shapes and sizes, so many decorative motifs. What a great exhibit!

I knew the teapot exhibit would be amazing, and I wasn't at all disappointed.

This one was done by Trent Bosch.

Bill Moore

David Ellsworth (an early piece).

Tania Radda - one of my favs!

Ray Feltz

Jason Schneider

Pascal Oudet

John Jordan

Wow - this delicate one by Malcolm Zander is pretty amazing.

My favorite of the exhibit - Lip Service, by Dixie Biggs.

The one I brought home after the auction - "Self Portrait" by Michael Hosaluk.

Binh Pho's teapot brought in the highest bid price at $10K.

You can see more images of teapots here or here.

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Anonymous said...

These are just awesome. Being a Norwegian rosemaler I am always interested in spoons and have a collection but they can't touch these!! diane edwards