Saturday, January 31, 2009

A visit with the Stateline Woodturners

Ok, so I'm catching up a bit. This post is from mid-November 2008 when I visited the Stateline Woodturners in Arkansas. I did a weekend visit for an all-day demo and some hands-on classes. It was a great bunch of nice folks to visit and my host, Mark Ost, was gracious and fun to get to know. The demo was at the Jones Center, a nice facility in Fayetteville.

The hands-on classes were at Mark's shop - a space that is much larger than my house. As usual, I had the students work on pyrography and coloring techniques. It keeps me on my toes, that's for sure.

Everyone is always so intent on the work that it's pretty quiet most of the day - not your typical turning hands-on class. Aside from a bit of smoke coming off the wood, there's not much mess to deal with in clean up.

I can never remember the names of students after about a week past an event, but the guy there in front showing off his project is Kurt Bird.

Nice job, Kurt.

I have the students doing transparent coloring techniques with Prismacolor markers and acrylic painting techniques as well. The painting techniques are usually the most challenging for my students.

I always like to watch the dynamics amongst students. There's a lot of sharing and caring going on throughout the day.


Comparing projects. . .

More success. . . That's Mark Ost on the right hand side of the picture. Thanks, Mark!

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