Saturday, January 31, 2009

Miscellaneous pics from November 2008

Weekends are for long walks at Highbanks Metro Park. November was the beginning of some snow and all the leaves were pretty much gone. It makes for some lovely landscape scenes.

Dressing for the weather is not a problem. We've been collecting a bunch of gear in anticipation of our trek to Everest Base Camp, which will be in May 2009.

November also gives us a chance to have a long weekend off for the Thanksgiving holiday. Meghan likes to hang around in pjs on long weekends. Emma looks more elegant here, I think. . .

The boys sharing a laugh, and it's a rare photo of Richard smiling. He doesn't like having his picture taken.

Emma wanted to share in the Thanksgiving feast. Steve picked her up after we had finished eating and she was all eyes and nose. . .

She did get a bit of people food as I was cleaning up - lucky dog!

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