Thursday, January 29, 2009

Last bit of kayaking for 2008

Fall foliage is wonderful by kayaking. We finished out our kayak season on Alum creek reservoir near the height of fall foliage season. The water level was dropping steadily each week and this weekend toward the end of October was our last on the reservoir for the season.

There's not a lot of boat traffic on the water as the levels drop, so it's great for kayaking up until the extreme north end of the reservoir. At that point you have to be careful to track in the channel or you'll get stuck in deep mud.

Our last bit of fun for the autumn was a full moon paddle on Dow Lake near Athens, Ohio - second week of November, if I recall correctly. We joined up with a group (Touch the Earth Adventures) based on a friend's recommendation about how much fun these night excursions are. She's right - it was a wonderful evening with the highlight being a great horned owl that kept us company for a bit.

We got on the water just as the sun was setting.

Lovely, lovely, lovely . . .

The moon was rising just as the sun was setting. We had plenty of light to paddle by. Everyone wore light necklaces and I highly recommend this experience. It was a real joy to be on the water in the calm of the evening, enjoying nature by moonlight.

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