Tuesday, July 01, 2008

2008 AAW Symposium - Part III; Turned for Use II

The Turned for Use II exhibit opened on Thursday night, June 19, at Gallery 5. This was about a mile's walk from the convention center through a scary neighborhood. Not the best of plans, but there is safety in numbers.

The gallery is a converted fire station, and the building is pretty cool looking, inside and out.

The theme of the show was based on useful objects and so there were a number of pepper mills and traditional bowls. I'm sure I missed a few of the entries, or the pictures I took didn't turn out well - sorry about that. . .

The pepper mill on top was made Dennis Cloutier. Jerry Gilman made the two on the lower left. The salad bowl and server are by Allen Jensen.

There was a pretty good turnout, despite the scary walk from the convention center. I suppose that many attendees had driven to Richmond, but for those of us who flew in, cabs were non-existent in this part of town.

L to R, top to bottom: Fruit bowl, Richard Corson; Ball vase (a magician's prop), Angelo Iafrate; Communion set, James McClure; Double rimmed bowl; Mark Sfirri.

Kitchen set by Mike Mahoney. This was my favorite entry in the show.

However, these His and Hers plungers (Take the plunge) by Jim Burrowes gave Mike's entry some close competition.

Twisted, but still stable. This is an offcenter turned stool by Bruce Campbell. Bruce had a bunch of necklaces in this motif that he distributed to some of the ladies at the symposium. I have a nice one to add to my collection of turned necklaces - thanks, Bruce!

Chess set by Beth Stanfield.

Stool by Ralph Watts

Bowl by Dale Larson, pepper mills by Don Leman.

Carving knife by Del Stubbs. Del was one of the jurors for the show. It was so great to see his work on display. The woodturning community misses his contributions.

The small box on the left was made by Mark Nadeau, the vessel on top is a cremation urn by Jack Rogers. The catalog shows a lid, but maybe that was behind the title card.

This tall vessel is an umbrella stand by Jim Bumpas.

Awl mine by Alan Lacer.

L t R: nut bowl by Frederick Williamson, enclosed spin top by Charles Henderson.

L to R: box by Mike Stafford, goblet by Barbara Gill, ornamental box by Dewey Garrett, glasses by Keith Holt.

Cardiac Lamp by John Lucas.

Stool by Stephan Goetschius. This was made during a residency at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. The "IUP" acronym is twisted here to mean, "I usually party."

Mandolin by Bernie Hyrtzak.

Djembe by Ralph Thomas, Udu by Art Liestman. I was really tempted to try out these two instruments. I played a clay udu on my solo CD, An Obair, which will be released in a couple of weeks. You can hear some tracks of my new CD at my MySpace page. I'll have more information posted on my blog in a couple of weeks, but I am taking pre-orders now.

An interesting chandelier by Kristen Levier.

More people enjoying the opening.

vessel by Edward Koenig

Jewelry box by Fred Klap - a clever design.

Caroline Harkness - pierced earring stand. My mother-in-law saw one of these in the "Beneath the Bark" exhibit catalog and remarked how much she liked it.

Doll lounging chair by Lonnie Combs

L to R: bowl by Gary Pollard, platter by Stephen Hatcher, flower bowl by Bill Tilson.

Stool by Stephen Hogbin.

Kick spindle by Jim Echter.

Bagpipes by Ray Hughes.

This was a fire truck from the good ol' days that was on display off the main floor galleries.

A mixed media sculpture by Joseph Whitfield was in the same gallery as the fire truck. Hmmmmm - the title is "7th Age." I have no idea what tht means in the context of this sculpture.

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Anonymous said...


Thanks for posting the pics. I didn't get to the symposium, so I greatly appreciate it.

FWIW, my pepper mill is the top one in the first photo & my website is www.runningdogwoodworking.com.

Thanks again,
Dennis Cloutier