Saturday, July 14, 2007

Utah 2007 - June 19; a visit to Dale Nish's home

Dennis, Gigi and I came back to Provo late in the evening, but in time to catch supper at a local restaurant. We ran into some other turners there, including Stuart Mortimer, Mark Baker, Nick Agar and Dale Nish. Dale invited us up to his house to see his collection, so we went up there with a nice group of folks.

I have some similar pics from by Utah 2006 posts. This room seems to be the start of the tour with the interesting turnings on display in the cabinet and on the shelves.

Here's Dennis taking a close look at some of the collection.

The hall closet is a site for the overflow of Dale's collection. I think I have a similar picture of the turners peeking into this closet in a previous year.

Cabinets are chock full of turning from famous artists and many not yet discovered by the public at large.

I always enjoy seeing Dale's Christmas tree ornaments on display. Each year he comes up with a new bird house design and gives each member of his family one for their collection.

L to R: Dennis Laidler, Mark Baker, Dale Nish.

The bird box was made by Hans Weissflog.

Stuart Mortimer (UK) and Dennis Laidler (RSA). Stuart was the featured turner at last year's South African woodturning congress. It was great to see friends united over here in the states.

That's me with Stuart.

Nick Agar fingering one of Art Liestman's puzzle illusion pieces.

Dale Nish showing Nick Agar the translucence of one of Kelly Dunn's Norfolk Island pine bowls.

Gigi taking a photo of Art's puzzle piece.

Dale has a lovely collection of Paul Thode's miniature furniture line.

Some more of Paul Thode's work.

A Phil Moulthroup vessel along with Dale Nish's wormy ash vessel.

Miniatures in one of the cabinets.

It's always great fun to take a look at Dale's collection. What a treat!

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