Tuesday, January 24, 2006

"Our Turn Now" - Ohio Craft Museum

Here are some of the pieces in the exhibit.

Vessel by Bill Hunter.

An overview of the installation. You can see work by Michael Mode, Betty Scarpino, Ron Layport, Mark Sfirri, Dennis Elliot, Todd Hoyer, and Alain Mailland, J. Paul Fennell, Stephen Hogbin, Virginia Dotson in the glass case.

An older piece done by Frank Cummings.

A bleached and carved madrone vessel by Christian Burchard.

One of Christian's madrone baskets and two of his sculptural pieces. These are assembled hollow forms embellished with metal work.

A collaboration by Binh Pho and Alain Mailland. The title of the piece is "Arwen."

J. Paul Fennell standing next to his carved vessels. I wish I had less reflection off the glass, but you can see how beautiful the vessels are.

One of Jacques Vesery's vessels.

Self explanatory.

The piece that goes with the label.

My two other carved and colored leaf vessels.

Twisted bats by Mark Sfirri.

Some of Michael Mode's older work.

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