Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Statement from Mary Lacer and the AAW Board of Directors *8/10/10)

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  • Statement from Mary Lacer and the AAW Board of Directors (8/10/10):

On June 21, 2010 the AAW Board of Directors requested the resignation of its Executive Director, Mary Lacer. This has created quite a controversy within the AAW, with many members unhappy with the decision of the Board of Directors. In retrospect, the Board of Directors agrees it could have handled this situation better, and regrets the divisions within the membership this has created.

Mary Lacer’s supporters, who have adopted the name the Member Action Group (MAG), have launched a proxy initiative to recall the Board of Directors. Both Mary and the Board of Directors recognize this effort is dividing the AAW membership. Mary and the Board have agreed to stop the proxy drives and to cancel the August 28th Special Meeting. Mary and the Board have reached a mutual agreement so the AAW and its members can move ahead in a positive way. Mary has accepted the Board’s offer for her to fill an advisory position to help with the training of the next executive director.

The Board acknowledges that Mary Lacer was not involved in any financial wrongdoing. The Board of Directors simply wishes to move the AAW in new directions.

Mary Lacer, AAW President Tom Wirsing, and the entire Board of Directors, hope that everyone on both sides of this controversy can “bury the hatchet”, renew damaged friendships, and get on with the business of sharing our passion for woodturning.

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Moshe Eshel said...

As a very new member of the AAW and thankfully far removed from the internal politics, I am happy this crisis has reached its end in agreement.

Thank you Andi for keeping us updated and presenting the issues in such a dignified way.

I'm hoping the AAW will indeed grow and become an even better organization for us - woodturners, maybe even turn into the WAW (World...) for us overseas...