Monday, February 23, 2009

Last pics from 2008

Ok, so I'm two months behind in posting pics for the blog, but, hey, I've been very busy.

I'm taking a day to recover from jet lag and so while I'm sitting in my recliner I'll try to catch up and post pics from the past couple of months. I have thousands of pics from China to sort through and process, so I imagine it will take a while to post all the cool stuff from my trip.

At any rate, here are some pics from the end of December 2008.

Christmas morning. It wasn't one of our best holidays, so I won't dwell on the details.

Michael loves the hat he bought in Ireland. It could probably stand to make a trip to the dry cleaners by now.

Richard doesn't like to have his photo taken - can you tell?

One of Santa's helpers.

Steve and I have been doing long walks in anticipation of our Nepal trek. One of our routes takes us to west campus where there are a pair of red-shouldered hawks in residence. This is the female.

Here's the male.

We gave ourselves Panasonic Lumix cameras and here is one of the first pics from mine. It's been a cold winter and this is from a pond on west campus.

Steve, trying out his gear during our walk.

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