Thursday, August 14, 2008

Arrowmont 2008 - Part IV

July 9, 2008. Wednesday at Arrowmont means mid-term time for the class. This was the day that the students worked on learning pyrography and coloring techniques. It's always a fun exercise, and this bunch was very enthusiastic about learning as much as they could.

I was really glad we we had the bench room to use. Otherwise, we would have been really hard pressed to find enough spaces for everyone to work comfortably.

Susan had her laptop loaded with iTunes and she played a lot of music from the 60's ad 70's - golden oldies that were pretty appropriate for the demographics in the class.

Bill is just contemplating what to do next. . .

Evelyn was working on some small pieces for her grandbaby.

Mel, hard at work.

Wednesday afternoon is reserved for the resident artists' open studio tours. Their facility is up the hill from the rest of campus. That camper on the right was made by resident wood artist, Damon McIntyre.

I'm always interested in seeing an artist's sketchbook.

This is the work of Magda Gluszek.

More of Magda's sculptural work in progress.

Lindsay Oesterritter
is the other ceramics resident artist.

Her work is beautiful, I think.

The textures and colors work well together.

Damon McIntyre is the resident wood artist this year.

He has quite a range of things in his portfolio.

The current fiber artist in residence is Rachel Hunt.

The other artist in residence is Susan Roberts who works in 2D media.

It was really fun to see these studios and to talk to the artists about their work.

Meanwhile, back in the wood studio, the pyrography and coloring projects were progressing nicely. This is Susan Pollard's sampler board - very creative textures coming from this art student.

Bill and Myra hard at work.

Evelyn making progress on her grandbaby's pieces.

A lot of concentrating coming from Hal.

Some of Susan's explorations from the previous two days.

A patchwork sampler bowl in progress by Myra.

I took a bit of time on Wednesday to walk into the other studios to see what kind of projects were being done in the other media workshops.

I was surprised about how much was going on in the art book workshop. They were doing all sorts of fun things - from making prints and cutouts to calligraphry.

This looked like a lot of fun!

Some of the designs were delightful all on their own, but the incorporation into books was intriguing.

I wish I had seen some of the finished books.

Neat patterns.

Controlled chaos.

The drawing studio was also pretty busy, although I stopped by whilst everyone was at dinner.

This was the dessert from Wednesday's lunch.

The print workshop was spacious, but there was a lot going on here as well.

Some random shots of works in progress here,

and here.

One of the students put their tryptic together for me to see.

Here's one panel of this project.

One of the lounges near these studios. Looks like a great place to relax and share ideas.

I also visited the ceramics studio. Sam Chung was the instructor for this week and he was focusing on the ergonomics of vessels.

The ceramics studio gets pretty messy during the week.

Uhmmmm, I prefer wood shavings to this, thank you very much.

Some interesting work being done. . .

The metalsmithing workshop was my final stop on this self-tour of campus.

It looked like they were having a blast exploring ideas for jewelry.

It looked like some interesting designs were in progress, too.

Some familiar tools being used. . .

A coping saw in action to cut a piece of metal into a particular shape.

It looks like the workbenches are set up nicely in this studio.

Copious notes and miscellaneous tools on the bench.

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