Saturday, June 28, 2008

A visit with Clay Foster - Part IV

One of the delightful surprises for me on this visit with Clay was to discover that he is a gourmet chef. When I arrived, he made a wonderful cream of purple broccoli soup and a beautiful salad.

The last evening of my visit Clay made a wonderful pasta dish with saute'ed veggies and salmon. He makes his own pasta. As you look at these pics, check out the kitchen - Clay and Penny designed and built all the furnishings.

A blowtorch in the kitchen?

Yep - for loosening the skin on a red bell pepper. Clay said that removing the skin makes the pepper stay sweeter in a stir fry.

This board has obviously been used for this purpose many times.

Yummy home made pasta ready for the pot.

All the ingredients assembled - it looks beautiful, doesn't it?

Clay needs to write a cookbook. I can imagine the wit he would put into it, and it would be great to have a combination of his essays, recipes and artwork in one tome.

The asparagus and broccoli were started first.

Fresh lemon juice.

The cat's drinking fountain.

Yummmmmm - salmon!

Great lamp there, Clay and Penny!

A useful pot. . .

The other cat was outside, lounging on one of Clay's tables.

Here's the entire meal under construction. My mouth was definitely watering by this time.

Ahhhhhhhhhh - dinner is served. It was as delicious as it was beautiful. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit with Clay and Penny!

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