Friday, May 23, 2008

Last recital for Columbus American School for Double Bass

The American School for Double Bass in Columbus is closing. This is because Mark Morton, the artistic director and principle bassist for the Columbus Symphony Orchestra, has taken a job at Texas Tech University. We're all very sad about this and about the possibility that the CSO might be going under.

The final school recital was on May 4th. Meghan played a selection by Faure.

Take a bow, Meghan.

Mark Morton played some Bottecini.

It's always such a pleasure to hear Mark play at these recitals. I'm going to miss him.

Mark also played a Chopin etude. Very nice!

Shao-Lan Lee is Meghan's teacher and she always plays a piece for the recital, also. Meghan will continue her studies with Shao-Lan.

Mark Morton and Shao-Lan Lee.

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