Monday, May 26, 2008

Best of 2008 show

J. Paul Fennell's visit to the Central Ohio Woodturners was a huge success. We were able to squeeze in a visit after he finished teaching. I took him to the Ohio Craft Museum to see the current exhibit, "Best of 2008." Several club members had work accepted into this exhibit.

Here's my piece: "Imagine the hidden world #4."

This beautiful necklace was made by Cynthia Cetlin. It's made from copper and has a lovely patina applied with some coloring process.

"Diffusion study" by Lisa Wilson. This is hammered silver.

Untitled. Josh Foy, made from stoneware.

Ceramic teapot by Scott Dooley.

Fiber art by Herbert Friedson

"Choosing sides" by Julie Byrn

"A kiss is just a kiss" by Jim Bowling

"Genetic hybrid" by Denise Romecki

"Juggling Dog" by Janis Mars Wunderlich

"Masu series 19030" by Kaname Takada

"The art of letting go" by Cindy Billingsley

My photo of the label didn't work on this one, but this is a paper ceramic technique. I really liked these bowls.

Ditto on this fiber art.

"Beaked pair" by Page Candler (stoneware)

"Addiction" by Mike Wallace (glass and enamel)

"Laundry time" by Janis Mars Wunderlich

"Balls, black & white" by Deborah Bewley

"Soular sensations" by Ramana Hawa

"Family romance" by Janis Mars Wunderlich

Miniatures by Tadashi Kotzuml

Work by Lesley Schug

"Memory objects - back yard" by Jennifer Holt

Jeff Piggle

It seemed as if a lot of the works in this show were on an industrial theme.

Vessel by Barbara Crockett

Containers by Carla Longley

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Anonymous said...

Not only is your work incredible, but I truly enjoyed reading your blog - I was sucked into the turning demo pictures and the wildlife images equally. Its always wonderful to see the artists inspiration behind their work. Thanks for the incredible art and beautiful images!