Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Michael's birthday

Michael's home for winter break and so we were able to celebrate his birthday together. He always ask for a yellow cake with chocolate frosting, so I made a double decker for him.

We recycled the candles from last year and added a single to make it add up to his total.

You can see the feeble attempt at adding rabbit ears to the subject . . .

Make a wish (wanting your sister to go away doesn't count).

 Richard must have said something funny, but I can't remember what it was.
The dogbone cookie was Richard's gift to Michael. Richard works at a pet store and bought it from the doggie treats display.
"Go ahead and try it."
"No, you go first, thanks anyway.

"Hmmmmm, tastes like a ginger cookie. A very bad one, indeed."

"OK, now you try it."

"It's not bad, go ahead and try it."

"Hmmmmm, well, the frosting is ok."

"Ok, we'll both try it. Come on Michael, it's your birthday present."

"Yuck! I'm eating dog food!"

"We'll just leave the rest for the dogs, ok?"

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