Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas 2007

Christmas morning started a bit on the late side for the Wolfe Pack. Steve and I played music at St. Alban's Christmas eve service. We didn't get home until after 1 a.m., and so we were really glad when we were the first to wake up at about 8 a.m., as compared to our usual pre-dawn awakening on previous Christmas mornings.

Richard camped out on the couch to be ready for all the action. (Actually, he likes sleeping on the couch. . .)

Meghan came downstairs to check out her Christmas stocking.

One of Meghan's gifts was my old cell phone. She lost her cell phone about a month ago and we weren't going to replace it until her contract was up next summer. However, I found my old phone and had it converted to her number. I put the most obnoxious ring tone on it that I could find and then rang it up on Christmas morning. Meghan went to find out what that noise was and found a package with her name on.

She figured it out pretty quickly.

Now, that's a Christmas smile if I ever saw one. She's holding her other favorite present - a gift certificate to her favorite clothes store.

Richard got one of his Christmas wishes, too - a "Dad" hat. Steve used to have a hat similar to this when he served in the Air Force. Richard wanted something to keep his head and ears warm in our cold winter.

Michael gave Steve a "useful pot" ala Winnie the Pooh,

and Meghan a computer game for virtual puppies.


Michael's wondering what that gadget is that has Steve's name on it.

By his smile, I think he figured out what was in the box.

He got another of my hand-me-downs; my old laptop, refurbished with a 100 GB hard drive.

"Bet you wished this was yours. . ."

Richard was happy with his box, though.

He's a huge Star Wars fan and he received the complete X-wing series,

and a new blanket.

Emma and Darwin both got a lot of dog toys. I'll post pics on Emma's blog.

Michael either looks like Genghis Khan . . .

or a hairy bimbo in this hat.

Ok, that's better. Back to some scholarly activity now.

A good part of the day was spent in getting Michael's new 'puter set up with all the latest versions of software. That's Steve's job (as opposed to Steve Jobs).

I spent much of the day preparing our dinner. It was a late one since I didn't have time to bake my pies on Christmas eve. I always make an apple and a blueberry pie for Christmas dinner. These are about to go into the oven. (They were delicious!)

Emma spent the rest of the day playing* with her new toys and hiding them under the Christmas tree.

*playing = destroying.

Merry Christmas from the Wolfe Pack.

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