Monday, October 01, 2007

2007 Idaho trip - Day 5

22 August 2007 - a travel day from Sandpoint to Stanley. Doesn't look too far on the map, but it's an all day drive.

When we were watching the rainbow the previous evening, we ran into some birders walking the shoreline of Lake Pond Oreille. They had seen a Baird's Sandpiper at Sandy Beach and so we started our travel day with a detour across the bridge. The sandpiper was very cooperative and flew onto the beach just as we approached the water.

The only other interesting find of the day was a Great Blue Heron fishing along a fast stretch of the Salmon River. Steve thought it might have been some other interesting bird.

Nope - just a GBH, but in a different kind of habitat than where we usually spot them.

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