Sunday, May 20, 2007

Mother's Day birding fun.

So, it's a week after Mother's Day, but this is my first opportunity to upload my pictures from last Sunday. Steve and I did an early morning field trip to Prairie Oaks Metro Park with the Columbus Audobon Society. Rob Thorn led our small group around the trails to do some excellent birding - lots of warblers and other interesting birds. I added 11 birds to my life list from this field trip.

Baltimore Orioles sure put on a good show for us all morning. Everywhere we went we saw and heard a lot of this beautiful birds.

Darby Creek is truly a treasure right here in Ohio. It is one of the cleanest streams in North America and is a hotspot for freshwater mussle diversity.

The creek is lined with Sycamore trees, which are perfect for Pileated Woodpecker nesting cavities. That's what everyone is looking at from across the stream.

Here's one of the many different warbler species seen in the woods of Prairie Oaks Metro Park - a Bay-breasted warbler.

Here's another good view of it.

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