Monday, May 21, 2007

If it's Monday evening, it must be time for birding.

Steve and I have been going birding on Monday evenings for the past several weeks. Migration season is starting to wind down a bit, but it's still fun to go look for birds. We went to Kiwanis Park along the Scioto River in Dublin, Ohio this evening from 6 to 8 pm. We spotted 27 species of birds in that time, including two new ones for our lists - a Philadelphia Vireo and a Least Flycatcher.

One of the memorable moments this evening was the scene we observed of a blue jay attacking a Cooper's Hawk. We also enjoyed observing a Great Crested Flycatcher in action. The only warbler seen this evening was a Wilson's. A Baltimore Oriole added some more color and we saw a lot of different woodpeckers.

Kiwanis Park is a riverside wetland area. Most of the park is accessed via a boardwalk.

This is one of the wetland areas you can see from the boardwalk.

I loved the lighting on the green foliage in this area. I took this series of photos just as the sun was setting.

I should have paid more attention to all of the plants here. It seemed like the dominant was skunk cabbage.

Here's a Great Crested Flycatcher.

I was able to capture this image as it took off from a branch.

One of many song sparrows out this evening.

A huge umbelliforous plant. I'll have to look up its name sometime.


Dick Durbin said...

Great photo of the Great Crested Flycatcher taking off! You should be proud of that one.

I recently started woodturning and, I must tell you, I am really impressed with your art. What impresses me more is how you are able to squeeze so much into your life. You sound like one busy lady.

Andi Wolfe said...

Thanks for the comment, Dick.

. . . who needs sleep?

I am pretty busy, but my activities seem to cycle through a sequence in such a way that everything is mostly manageable. This past month has been pretty crazy, though. As the school year winds down, my schedule definitely eases up, leaving me more time for family, woodturning, birding, and music.

Anonymous said...

Darn it Andi, I knew I shouldn't have started your blog is now almost 2:00 in the morning! It was worth losing sleep though. I feel like I actually attended the Symposium! Thanks so much. Hope to meet you in Richmond next year.

Carole Valentine

Andi Wolfe said...

Hi Carole - sorry for your sleep deprivation, but it's good to know that my blog is interesting enough to make you want to stay up and read it.