Thursday, August 31, 2006

At the zoo

I took Michael to the zoo yesterday. He left to go back to school today so it was nice to spend an afternoon with him. The weather was overcast and cool with a threat of rain. That's pretty good weather for the zoo because most of the animals were very active.

This pair of flamingos was doing an elaborate courtship display. Seems like the wrong time of year, but I don't know much about the biology of flamingos.

One doesn't need to know anything about the biology of tortoises to know what these two were up to. You needed to be there to get the full effect with the grunts the male did, and to see these two walk about the compound like this . . . for about 10 minutes. What a lover!

Really, what kind of a family show is that? Get a room!

Oooooh - I'm going to write my congressman and complain about that gross display of government-supported biology. (See Emma's blog for the pictures that go along with this one.)

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