Monday, December 08, 2014

Columbus is festive now....

The weekend here was rainy and cold, which means that, of course, Steve and I had to be downtown for a photo walk. Steve has a project in mind that requires bad weather, so I'm along for the company. However, I find this kind of setting to be interesting, too, and so I took the opportunity to make a photo I've been visualizing for a long time. I wanted a skyline of Columbus when the colors are rich from the saturated air. Right now there are lots of holiday lights on display, so it was a good setting for the photo I wanted to make.  I will likely be getting this made into a nice print for hanging on my wall - I can see this printed on metallic paper, or, possibly on aluminum.

Columbus, Ohio at night. Photo by Andi Wolfe ©2014 - All rights reserved.
The only drawback to doing photography in bad weather is the possibility of raindrops on the lens. I had tried to make this photo before sunrise, but ended up with spots. We returned after sunset, and I was able to make the photo the way I had envisioned the scene.


Anonymous said...

hi andi ... lovely photo .. what lens?

Andi Wolfe said...

16-35 mm Canon L series